By Kim Dolan Leto | August 23, 2012

Do you want to feel tighter and more toned? Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t achieve that lean look, even though you were eating right and working out? I have, and I found my solution. Six months ago I needed a change. I felt thicker than usual and decided to take on the goal of being as tight and toned as I could be. I want to let you in on a secret: some competitors and fitness models, including me, find it tough to stay lean all year, but I want to walk around daily as close to photo shoot shape as possible. I don’t want to have weight fluctuations and only feel my best on stage or in front of the camera. Don’t you want your best body all the time?

I found my answer, Studio Mixx. The workouts are tough and Shandi Rooney’s method works. She employs a strengthen and lengthen philosophy that keeps your muscle bellies from ever feeling thick or bulky. Consider the thought of exclusively training your quad muscle with weights. The muscle will grow, but it will not be long and lean. I want the best of both worlds, muscle and visual definition.The combination of cardio, strengthening, and lengthening has changed my body. I would never endorse something that I’m not using, so make sure to check out this video. If you need a workout you can do at home or on the road, this is it. If you happen to be in the Phoenix area, come in and try one of the workouts.

Here’s a description of the thinking behind the Mixx Brand: Studiomixx is a vigorous and powerful exercise system that will heat up your body internally and externally to blast calories and burn fat. Our system guarantees a beautiful, sexy, and sculpted body by mixxing a variety of exercise techniques, preformed in a specific sequence to firm and elongate your muscles.

The only “One Stop Shop” for Xtreme Fitness
  • Power Pilates
  • Isometric interval training at the ballet barre
  • Unique resistance band system
  • Power yoga
  • Cardiovascular exercises
  • Specific core training
  • Plyometrics
  • Functional Training
Here are the types of classes offered:
MIXX: A vigorous sequence of exercises that fuse pilates, yoga, isometric exercises, and calisthenics to reach complete muscle exhaustion. Your own body weight along with light weights, fitness balls, and a unique band system will be used to target every angle of every muscle in your entire body. You will see a lifted back side, sexy legs, shapely arms, and a killer mid section.
Mixx Lite: Ease your way into this cutting edge fitness system and get to know and understand this unique style of exercise as we guide you through the basics. Modified options will be taught to prepare you for the next level.
Xtreme Barre: A quick paced cardio sculpting class that targets every muscle in your body, adding special attention to those small under worked muscles. You will work through intense intervals at the ballet barre performing isometric exercises followed by calorie blasting pilates moves to lengthen your muscles. The class ends with specific core training to give you flat, sexy abs.
CardioMIXX: Power hour at its best! This class will keep your muscles confused and your heart pumping for the ultimate cardio sculpting class. During the first half of the class, you will transition through intense cardio exercises to blast away serious calories. The second half of the class doubles the intensity by combining elements of power pilates and power yoga performed to today’s hottest hits. This sweat wrenching class will detoxify your body and shed the pounds! Expect to burn over 500 calories! Tennis Shoes Required!
Circuit Mixx: Move, Groove and Burn as you power your way through challenging 2 minute intervals followed by a 30 second recovery. Burn stored fat as you groove to today’s hottest hits. We end this class with push ups, plank, and serious core work. Word on the street is that this class “Rocks”! Tennis Shoes Required
Mixx 20/10: A courageous, daring, and dynamic conditioning experience. Inspired by the “Tabata” method, which is 20 seconds of high intensity training, followed by a 10 second recovery.This one hour class will combine 5 minutes of 20/10 exercises followed by 5 minutes of intense power yoga flow for a total of 45 minutes. Abs and cooldown will end the class. Detoxify your body and shed the pounds!