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Plie squat and punch your way through this power hour interval training class that will ramp up your heart rate with boxing drills to torch calories while sculpting lean beautiful muscles using the ballet barre technique. Detail your midsection with specific core training exercises that guarantee a flat sexy stomach.

A courageous, daring, and dynamic conditioning experience inspired by the “Tabata” method of 20 seconds of high intensity training, followed by a 10 second recovery. This 45 minute class will transition through intervals of Tabata method exercises followed by intense sculpting and elongating movements to give you a lean and sexy physique.

A vigorous sequence of exercises that mix the concepts of pilates, yoga, plyometrics, ballet barre exercises, and cardio intervals to tone and lengthen your muscles while burning fat. Your own body weight along with light weights and fitness balls will be used to target every angle of every muscle in your entire body. You will see a lifted back side, sexy legs, shapely arms, and a killer mid- section.