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About StudioMixx

StudioMixx combines the most evolved and cutting edge forms of exercise to maximize calorie burn and sculpt the entire body by systematically mixing various elements of fitness in this one hour, true hybrid technique.

Lunge, crunch, plié, and plank your way through a mixx of functional training, using props like weights, ballet barre, stability balls, and a unique band system. Transform your body and mind in a way you never thought possible. The result is a smart workout; one where you approach fitness in an intelligent and balanced manner, working arms with abs, cardio with balance, planks with pushups.

The results are visual definition in your long and lean muscles, strong core, and a revved up metabolism that keeps you burning fat even when you aren’t working out. The StudioMixx method offers a different approach to working out that keeps one interested.

The StudioMixx team describes it as a combination of “the cardio rush you get from running or spinning, the muscle alignment and core strength you get from Pilates, the coordination and muscle alignment you see from dance, and the flexibility and range of motion you achieve from Yoga.”